I’m a scholar of early modern and modern Japanese literary arts and entertainment. Much of my work to date has focused on modern comic storytelling (rakugo) and its early-modern precursors, literary and otherwise. My monograph The Comic Storytelling of Western Japan: Satire and Social Mobility in Kamigata Rakugo is now out from Cambridge University Press.

My career began at Cambridge, where I oversaw modern Japanese literature and translation units and served as examiner for premodern Japanese language and literature units. I was a Governing Body Fellow and Director of East Asian Studies at Peterhouse, the oldest of the Cambridge colleges. I’m now a lecturer in Japanese at Australia’s oldest higher ed institution, The University of Sydney.

I have supervised students of all levels, undergraduate to PhD, and taught units on modern/contemporary Japanese literature, East Asian cinema, Japanese theatre and cultural history, Edo-period literature and culture, classical Japanese, modern Japanese language, translation, and academic writing. I have a PhD in Japanese literature from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. My master’s degrees are from Tezukayama University and Portland State University.

Each summer I direct an intensive three-week summer programme in Kyoto called Traditional Theatre Training (TTT), which, with the guidance of professional practitioners, trains participants from around the globe in arts such as nō, kyōgen, Nihon buyō. I also serve on the editorial boards of Asian Studies Review and Asian Theatre Journal.

I was born and grew up in Oregon and have spent over ten years in Japan for research and other training. In my free time I enjoy running, birdwatching, and caring for houseplants. I’ve also been caught reading and writing poetry and fiction, translating this or that.

For kicks: Running Highku | 365 Days of Kotowaza | J-onomatope

日本近世・近代文芸学者。 研究の大半は、落語および江戸時代の文学や芸能に関わる。2021年、研究書『西日本の滑稽話芸-上方落語における風刺と社会的移動』をケンブリッジ大学出版局にて出版。



海外から訪れる方が日本の伝統芸能(能、狂言、日本舞踊等)を集中的に学ぶことの出来る、京都・トラディショナル・シアター・トレーニング(TTT)のプログラムディレクター。『Asian Studies Review』と『Asian Theatre Journal』の編集委員。


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