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bun-bun ぶんぶん the sound of humming, whirring, or high-pitched buzzing

bu-ru-ru ぶるる the sound of a horse exhaling a deep fluttering breath through its nostrils; also the sound one makes when they are cold (brrr)

chapu-chapu ちゃぷちゃぷ the sound of something being immerse in liquid; splish-splashing sound, such as feet stomping in puddles

hihiin ひひーん The sound of a horse whinnying

hyuu ひゅう the sound of wind blowing; stronger wind can be expressed with hyuu-hyuu, byuu-byuu, pyuu-pyuu

nikkori にっこり also nikori and niko-niko, this expresses a happy smile or broad grin

pocha-pocha ぽちゃぽちゃ the sound of water moving about and splashing

pushu’ ぷしゅっ the sound of air or liquid emitting with great force, as when one opens a can of beer, or a tire is punctured

saaa’ さーっ conveys a motion or action that takes place in a brief moment; variations of this include sa’ さっ and sasa’ ささっ

shito-shito しとしと the sound of rain falling softly

zuta-boro ずたぼろ a combination of zuta-zuta ずたずた (in pieces/shreds) and boro-boro ぼろぼろ (tattered, ragged), this expresses the state of something being cut and torn to shreds, something severely damaged